DMXS Tonight

December 14, 2005 12:09pm

James Stewart did exactly what he needed to do last week, and he did so in convincing fashion. We have all suffered beside James and Kawasaki this year in one way or another and the simple fact is that our sport missed him and what he brings to the track. I will risk using only one more weather related reference to the upcoming season and then switch back to basic sports metaphors in the near future. With the storm surge felt throughout the sport and James’ transformation on schedule, it could be argued that he is the Eye of the Storm coming into Anaheim. James also has a new look in his eye, and it could be argued that he has the Eye of the Tiger coming into Anaheim as well. Wow! The Eye of the Storm, with the Eye of the Tiger could really make for a long season for his competitors. Of course, I am just taking a shot at the seemingly worthless pre-Anaheim hype that builds this time every year. James is back on track and has been both impressive and humble thus far. He knows better than to discount RC, Reed, K-dub and the rest of the men lined up next to him. RC is a champion and a warrior and will come to A1 ready for battle. Reed is one of the most competitive riders I’ve ever known, and he will find the speed and be battling up front soon enough. Let’s take a lesson from James this time and let the riding do the talking.  We can bench race after it's over.

Billy Lanninninovich had a tough start to the West coast series last year, but finished up strongly. He looks to have picked up right where he left off in SX with some strong rides in Canada that had him on the podium in both rounds. We will catch up with young William after he finishes up with testing today.

Ryan Villopoto is one of Mitch Payton’s newest guns for 06. He suffered a small setback with a small collarbone crack, but he is plated and already planning to jump back on the track ASAP. During his off time, Ryan has been working on his tan, but even California doesn’t have tanning beds strong enough to pierce through his ivory shield. Ryan will let everyone know how is progressing, and maybe what coast he will be riding.

David Bailey told me a few weeks ago that Ryan Sipes would be turning heads this year, and the ICON was right. Sipes had some impressive speed in Vancouver and seems to be ready for his sophomore year aboard his WBR ride for 06. With Bailey and newly added super trainer Todd Jacobs on his team, look for Ryan to battling for podiums this year.

Another Pro-Circuit casualty of the tough preseason training was Troy Adams. Troy had a bad crash that resulted in a broken femur, but the Floridian transplant is already doing some road bike work just a few weeks after surgery. Troy is one of the nicest riders you will find in the pits, and a class act. We will give him a group hug tonight, and wish him well during recovery. He will be back on that Pro-Circuit Monster Energy KX250F in no time.

Jason Weigandt is a thread that is deeply woven within our sport. He handles the web casting and press conference duties for the SX races, but he was somehow last to post a Vancouver race recap. With the age of the internet and instant information, Jason will now predict what the racers will say in the press conference, and be first to post from now on. Information is power! So who’s your daddy now? We will also get Weege’s comments on the recent investigation by the WV Sports and Gaming Commission into the complaint that he allegedly cheated Alphado out of a Mini Supermoto Championship this year. In all fairness, we will have Mr.Alphado on to hear his side when he is cleared by his lawyers to comment.

Steve Flanders from Moto X Dream will be on tonight to break down the prize divisions and announce the new title sponsor. Bill’s Pipe’s / Rockstar Energy team has stepped up and will be giving away Mike Brown’s race bike at the end of the season. If you have never played this fantasy SX/MX game, now is the time to try. Great weekly prizes and a cool way to show your knowledge or lack thereof about the sport. We have some epic battles throughout the year, and you can still sign up before Anaheim 1 to take part in the action. Check out for details.

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