Cobra Says Goodbye To Its Most Successful Racer Of All Time

December 13, 2005 9:40am

Legend-in-the-making Adam Cianciarulo caps off 2005 season with yet another championship on his 50cc King Cobra
NORTH LIMA, Ohio, (Dec. 12, 2005) -  Years from now this nine-year-old's name could very well be spoken in the same sentence as amateur greats Carmichael, Stewart and Alessi. And if you base it on his amateur career thus far, he already should be mentioned with those guys.
Cobra's Adam Cianciarulo raced the final race of his storybook 50cc career at the Mini O's recently, bringing home yet another major amateur national motocross title. Cianciarulo, who's smashed every 50cc competition record going all the way back to MX legend Jeff Ward and the dawn of minicycle racing, joins a list of former Cobra racers that's reading like a 'Who's Who?' of new school factory and pro racers and up-and-coming young teenagers who all grew up winning on Cobras.
"Adam has a very special place here with Cobra," said Cobra President Sean Hilbert. "Not only is he, by far, our all-time winningest racer, he and his family have been an absolute pleasure to work with over the years and we certainly wish him the best over at Kawasaki. It's not often a racer like Adam comes along - one who literally has the pits buzzing and people lining the fence every time he sets out onto the track. Cobra has been honored to provide Adam with his winning bikes."
Along with benefiting from Cianciarulo's global dominance of the 50cc class, record-wise, Cobra also received valuable input on its Made in the USA products from both Adam and his father, Alan Cianciarulo.
"Getting feedback from the parents is one thing, we get that all the time," said Bud Maimone, founder of Cobra Motorcycles. "But to have a young man like Adam, who can put the test to our bikes like no other, then come in and, along with his father, explain what we can do to improve the bike has been a huge benefit.
"I'm really looking forward to watching Adam's career blossom over the next decade."
For his part, Adam Cianciarulo was asked a few questions regarding his career on Cobras. Here's what he had to say:
Adam, how long have you been racing on Cobra motorcycles?
"I've been racing a Cobra since I was five and now I am nine."
What are some of the best experiences you've had on a Cobra?
I won my first National on a Cobra and my last National (on a 50) at the Winter Olympics, also riding a Cobra! Belgium (World Mini Trophy) was a really cool experience, too. I had a lot of fun winning there! Riding a Cobra has been a blast and full of awesome experiences."
What's your most prized trophy you ever won on a Cobra?
Definitely Loretta's! I was so happy I could win for Bud and Sean and everyone else at Cobra who's helped me out a lot by keeping me on the best dirt bike ever!
What advice would you give a young, up-and-coming racer who wants to make it to the national level?
"Well, there's lots of stuff. Have heart, race the track, not your competition. Don't be scared. Practice how you race. Listen to your dad. Be smart and you just have to plain want it more than anybody else. And, oh yeah, ride a Cobra if you want to get the job done!"
Thanks, Adam! Good luck in '06
"Thank you, guys."
For the record, here's a list of 50cc amateur national titles, along with this year's Mini Des Nations (Belgium), that Adam has won on a Cobra. Noteworthy: Adam took 2004 off and didn't race any amateur nationals on a 50cc bike. 
Branson            02            4-6 Stock   
Branson            02            4-6 Mod
Whitney            03            4-6 Stock
Moshier            03            4-6 Stock
Vegas               03            4-6 Stock
Vegas               03            4-6 Mod
Ponca               03            4-6 Stock
Ponca               03            4-6 Mod
Winter O          03            4-6 Stock  Supercross
Winter O          03            4-6 Stock  Motocross
Whitney            05            7-8 Stock
Whitney            05            7-8 Mod
Oak Hill            05            7-8 Stock
Vegas               05            7-8 Stock
Vegas               05            7-8 Mod
Vegas               05            Super Pee Wee
Loretta's           05            7-8 Stock
Winter O          05            7-8 Stock  Supercross
Winter O          05            7-8 Stock  Motocross
Belgium            05             World Mini Trophy
Cobra, founded in 1993, produces the most successful line of competition minicycles and quadcycles in the United States with more than 100 national titles in the last decade. Cobra's mission is to build premium products for the serious racer. For more information on Cobra products, please visit our website at
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