Vancouver World SX: Nathan Ramsey Wins Lites Class for the Second Straight Year

December 12, 2005 12:24pm

The last of the non-points-paying Canadian Supercross rounds, saw Red Bull KTM’s Nathan Ramsey dominate the Lites Main Event for the second year in a row.

“My father-in-law, he’s Canadian,” Ramsey said after the race. “He lives in the States now, but we always talk about it. Every time I go to a race, he’s like, ‘I give you my power,’ but up in Canada, it’s a little bit more special to him.”

Nathan Ramsey grabbed the holeshot on his powerful Red Bull KTM, and from there, he led all 15 laps, never to be headed, taking a runaway win in front of last week’s winner Davi Millsaps.

“It’s never easy,” Ramsey said after the race. “Every year, I’ve got to keep on pushing and making changes. I’ve got a lot of good people behind me and Jeff Spencer has a lot of wisdom to push me to the next level. And I hired a riding coach this year – Buddy Antunez – and we’ve been working on a whole lot of things. I figure of these guys [I’m racing with] are young and they’ve got a few new tricks, then I’ve got to do that myself. I’m working on that along with everybody at Red Bull KTM. The bike’s just getting better and better. You’ve got such a good push behind you – such a good team – that it’s hard to let them down. Good surroundings.”

Ramsey’s Red Bull KTM teammate Josh Hansen put together a strong ride for seventh in the Lites main, while KTM Canada’s Michael Willard was eleventh.

Amp’d Mobile Supercross Lites Results
1.    Nathan Ramsey        KTM
2.    Davi Millsaps            HON
3.    Billy Laninovich        HON
4.    Ryan Sipes              SUZ
5.    Andrew Short         HON
6.    Darcy Lange          KAW
7.    Josh Hansen          KTM
8.    Ryan Morais           SUZ
9.    Jake Weimer          HON
10.    Michael LaPaglia  SUZ
11.    Micheal Willard     KTM