Bang Productions announces two New Year DVD releases

December 9, 2005 7:22am

Travis Pastrana’s Baja Diaries
Sometimes getting there is half the fun

Welcome to Travis Pastrana’s Baja Diaries!

Told through the eyes of Travis Pastrana, the 11-time X-Games Gold Medalist who’s known for his aggressive riding and daredevil style, Baja Diaries documents the trials and tribulations of Team Nitro Circus as they try to conquer the world’s most famous off road race.

Joining Travis for this incredible journey is motocross legends Rick Johnson, Andy Grider, Neil Grider and Gregg Godfrey, as well as maverick CEO Gabrielle Mazarollo and truck racer Wade Kelson. Baja Diaries follows Travis and his motley crew as they race against the best across 1,000 miles of unforgiving Mexican desert.

Whether on a bike, in a truck or just on foot…Baja Diaries is around the clock action. Never before have cameras gone this deep into Travis’ world…or his head. We follow the guys through every twist, turn, broken axle, flat tire and busted transmission. Will they win or will the challenge be too much even for these legends of the sport?

A must for Pastrana fans, Baja fans, race fans, action sports fans or just fans of good storytelling…Baja Diaries is a documentary about a world of speed, color and excitement.

Let the games begin

We’re inside a frenzied arena. In Prague, the medieval city and capital of the Czech Republic, the people have packed the world famous Sazka Arena for what is bound to become one of freestyle motocross’ most talked about events.

Spurred on by laser lights flashing throughout this state of the art arena, driven to a fever pitch by the pulsating music and the local fans who line the track…the packed crowd pumps the atmosphere to a palpable tension.

JUST THEN! The sounds of bikes starting up, the roar of engines and the grinding of gears. The dirt track below is suddenly met by seven of the best freestyle motocross stars in the world. Today they will compete in this futuristic gladiator pit. And only one will walk away champion!

Bang Productions is proud to present Freestyle Prague! Seven of the best freestyle motocross stars in the world invade the Czech Republic for non-stop action and big air. Nate Adams, Jake Windham, Mike Mason, Andy Bell, Dustin Miller, Reagan Sieg and Jeff Fehr give the Europeans a time to remember. But the Europeans, including Jimmy Verburgh and Petr Kutcha, are out to show they can hang with the Americans. It’s going to be a battle to the finish!

Designed like ancient Roman gladiator games, the best of the sport will go head to head on an epic field of battle. Lights, fire, action and driving music lend tension to this insane scene! Plus, as an added attraction, 14-year-old local Petr Pilat thrills the crowd as he goes for his first back flip before a real audience! Will he pull it off?

Told through a narrative of face-to-face interviews, live action and “in the moment” commentary…Freestyle Prague captures the spirit of this amazing event. Using Bang Productions’ “inside the scene” style of filmmaking, Freestyle Prague is a “must see” for every enthusiast of the sport.

Both DVD's are due for release in the middle of January 2006.