5 Minutes With ... Ivan Tedesco

December 8, 2005 6:13am

Ivan Tedesco in Toronto

photo: Simon Cudby

Last weekend’s three-way match-up between Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart and Chad Reed drew all the eyes to them. Meanwhile, in his first Supercross-class race, Ivan Tedesco powered his Suzuki to a fourth-place finish. “Hot Sauce” circled the track all night a tick off of podium speed, which he hopes can be made up a month from now, when the Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series begins. We have been hunting him down all week and finally got him last night. The weird thing is that Ivan was sitting in a machine when we conducted this interview—he said it was top secret, so for all we know he was in a tanning bed working on some color!
Racer X
: Ivan, how’s it going?
Ivan Tedesco: Everything is going good. I’m just getting ready to leave for Vancouver, and that’s my story.
This past weekend in Toronto, for the first time in your career, you competed in the premier division and came out with a fourth. What are your overall feelings you have about the ride you put in?
I’m happy with my results for the first go-round. Fourth was good, but I wish I could have run a little closer to those guys. At least I know where I’m at, so I can keep plugging away. Eventually I will be up there.
Having never really raced against the “big three” in supercross, what was the mindset coming into the main event?
Well, I had a pretty good heat race with Reed in it. All I wanted to see is if I could match their speed. I didn’t run with them as long as I would have liked to, though. Hopefully this weekend I can step it up a little bit and be in the mix.
After the fact, have you looked at lap times and thought about the race?
No, I haven’t looked at my times. I kind of knew where I was at, and I figure it’s a couple of seconds off the pace. I just need to drop my lap times down and see where I land. That was the deal was by doing these two races [in Canada], find where I need to improve and get ready for January.
Did Roger DeCoster put any info in about your performance?
He said that he was happy with my ride. The team is going to keep working from there and good things will come. I was strong at my first race, and I had a good week of training, so we’ll see how Vancouver goes.
This week I’m sure your back to the grind, so anything you’re switching up?
Yeah, I watched the race on TV. I didn’t get much airtime, but this week I focused on corner speed. I tried different techniques on little things and I’m comfortable.
Do you feel that there’s podium-potential speed in you somewhere along the season?
I think so, for sure. If I keep on improving and learn at the races, my chances are good. These guys are going fast and I need to adapt in time so I stay healthy. A podium will be hard to get but hard work will help with that.
With Ricky out in Florida most of the time, does the test track get a little lonely, as far as having some one to gauge your speed and improvements?
Oh, it sure does. Ricky came out a few weeks ago, which helped a bunch. I got to test my speed against his, and that’s crucial. I’m going out to Florida to ride on his tracks, so that will change it up. Here in California I’ve been keeping it fun by myself. My trainer has been setting up programs to keep me on my game.
Looking far, far ahead, come May in Las Vegas, where do you want to stand?
Wow, I hadn’t thought about it yet. To be in the top five, I’d be happy—and with some podiums. I want to run with the top pack and be a factor, that’s it.
That’s a wrap, Ivan, and good luck up north.
Thanks, Dono.