Racer X's 30+2 Days of Christmas!

December 1, 2005 9:45am | by:

As we enter the month of December, you can really start to feel the pressure of Christmas mounting, as we only have 22 + 2 days left till the big day! We're covering a variety of products in our Christmas Countdown, some which may suit you, some may not. But something that whets the appetite of every moto fan is a moto-related DVD, especially Freeride Revolution 2.

Produced by Paul Taublieb and crew at Media X International, Freeride Revolution 2 brings the WFA series, the X Games qualifying series, and the MXi series to your screen in a big way, and it has tons of footage of some of the top riders in the sport of freestyle. They travel the world, covering some of the most insane riding areas and events - a must-see if you enjoy freestyle motocross.

This DVD makes an excellent stocking stuffer, so check out www.videoxsports.com/frre2.html and pick up your copy today before they’re all gone!