James Stewart Newsletter Updated

November 30, 2005 7:05am | by:

Here's the latest James Stewart Newsletter:

Today we announced that I'll be number 7 for the upcoming season, which starts this Saturday in Toronto. I am excited to run my earned single digit number as the new racing season kicks off.

As most of you know, I have run the 259 my entire amateur and pro career to honor my injured friend, Tony Haynes. When Tony got hurt, I asked him if I could race with his number, and promised him I would take the 259 to the top. I stayed true to my promise and broke all of the 125 class records, won 4 national titles, and 3 250 Supercross main events with 259. I still value my friendship with Tony Haynes as much as ever, and I talked to him about me taking my own number from here on out. 

I want to thank Kawasaki, Fox Racing, and Factory Effex for pulling together and helping me with my new look. I enjoyed a lot of success with 259, and look forward to taking number 7 to the podium this year.  My goal is to win this championship, and if I do, I will run the number 1 next year. As always, I want to thank my family, the fans, and my sponsors. See you in Canada.

James Stewart, #7