Travis & the Nitro Circus Ride Again

November 9, 2005 12:27pm

Adventures Of Travis Pastrana And The Nitro Circus In-Stores November 15

Nitro Circus 3 (NC3) will hit specialty retailers and moto shops world-wide on November 15. NC3 is the third installment of the top-selling Nitro Circus film series.

NC3 is a film about pushing the limits of human ability and spirit and along the way Pastrana defies nature and the current standard of freestyle motorcross, landing the first ever double back- flip to dirt.  “I’ve had my sights set on the double back-flip for a long time and I finally pulled it off. It was an intense day,” stated Pastrana.

Filmed in the U.S. and throughout Europe, Pastrana is joined by Ronnie Renner, Kenny Bartram, Andy Bell, Mat Rebeaud, Davi Millsaps, Todd Potter, Streetbike Tommy, the Redneck from Tennessee and many others as they travel the world searching for the next big stunt and adventure.

NC3 is the most intense film of the series. “After NC2, I didn’t think we were going to be able to push things any further. Somehow we did and thankfully no one was seriously hurt,” remarked Jeremy Rawle, executive producer for Godfrey Entertainment.

Sometimes the film comes across as heroic and other times as sheer insanity but in either case, NC3 is filled with the most daring stunts and candid behind the scenes footage ever seen.   Check it out for yourself!

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