Tonight on The Moto Show

November 8, 2005 1:48pm

Tonight on  Matt Walker, Sara Whitmore, Derek Guetter, Product review: Evaporator Undergarb by Tool Shed.  Also, Ogio 9900 Gear Bag Giveaway!

On The Moto Show tonight, don't miss your chance to win the "Cadillac" of Gear Bags, the Ogio 9900, compliments of Ogio and  This bag retails for $179.00.  Be the first caller to hear Travis Pastrana intro one of our segments, and you'll be the proud owner of the best of the best in gear bags.  Also, the 2nd caller will receive a 1 year membership to the Blue Ribbon Coalition, compliments of The Moto Show! 

Guest line-up:

Doc Bodnar, Elrod and Mike Young will be talking with Matt Walker who is gearing up for the SX season after a nasty fall at the last round of the U.S. Motocross Nationals.  Glen Helen has eaten him up for two years now.  We'll talk to him about the accident, and the Tedesco/Alessi incident that preluded his accident.  Should be a good interview with one of the real word-hards in the industry.

Sarah Whitmore is gearing up for a race at Cycle Ranch in Floresville, TX.  We'll talk about her latest going-ons, and try and figure out how this lady is able to go so dang fast!

Derek Guetter is a Quad Freestyler and is the brother of Jon Guetter.  Jon has been a frequent guest on the show, and he is the only guy on tour doing a back flip on a quad.  Derek was recently competing/performing and is coming off a nasty injury that started out not so nasty.  Listen to hear the gruesome details.

Lastly, none other than #83, Michael Young will be handling the TMS Product review of the Tool Shed Evaporator Undergarb. 

So, Gear Up and Hang On, It's Time for The Moto Show.    

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