Eric Sorby's weekend race report

November 8, 2005 6:39am

Hi everyone,

This weekend was my second race on the European SX tour. I trained very hard for the last two months here in France to get my fitness ready for Aanaheim 1. I did a lot of motos the past two weeks and a lot of training to make my speed and fitness better.

Sorby (left) and Vuillemin in Barcelona
photo courtesy of Eric Sorby
This weekend was a good and interesting race in Barcelona, Spain. I won my semi by five seconds, and in the main I did not get a good start. I was fifth in the first laps, as Pourcel and Benjamin Coisy were leading. I knew the track was hard and physicaly demanding, but I knew I was in shape to do 20 hard laps, even if I could have gone a little bit faster in the beginning of the race.

After 12 laps I saw Pourcel and Coisy making some mistakes, so I started to push to get closer. Pourcel made a mistake and then, two laps after, had a flat tire. I was very close from Coisy and kept pushing. He made a little mistake and I finally passed him with five laps to go to win my first supercross this year! I am now second overall in this championship.

In the Superfinale (with 125 and 250 classes together) I had a good start, like fourth, then David Vuillemin passed me after two laps. I tried  to stay with him but he was very fast and I got very tired after 10 laps, but that was a good training to push myself over the limit. I finally got sixth in the Superfinale.

Barcelona was the first SX race for DV on the BooKoo Honda--strange to see as we all saw DV, since '96 I think, on a Yamaha. But for the first couple laps (that I saw him), DV was looking very good and comfortable on the bike. For me, he looked better in the corners and whoops, even if i know that he still needs to do some testing like everyone!

Next race: Bercy Supercross in three days!