Your Collection

November 7, 2005 1:21pm

Your Collection, presented by Throttle Jockey, is a chance for you to show off your motocross-related collector's items and win some way cool prizes. Each week, one person who has sent in a photo of their collection will be chosen by the folks at Throttle Jockey. The lucky winner of each week's contest will have their photo featured on Racer X Online and will receive a prize from Throttle Jockey.

To enter, simply e-mail your photo, along with a brief description of the item or items, to

This week's submission comes to us from Jon Forsell:

""This was Yamaha's famous YZ 465G, it's all original except for the Yellow Answer bars. It was never raced or even had numbers on it. Yamaha painted the black number plate backgrounds on in those days. Also a mint pair of JT boots from the early 80's. And a autographed 2nd place 125cc trophy from old 1994 Gatorback National."