Factory Connection Hires Satoru Tanno as R&D Manager

November 3, 2005 12:03pm

 Factory Connection Inc. is pleased to announce they have hired Satoru Tanno as Research & Development / Special Projects Manager. Mr. Tanno brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Factory Connection; Factory Connection already has a reputation as the leader in the highest quality suspension and suspension related products.

Tanno has over 25 years of experience in the Motocross and off-road motorcycle suspension industry with SHOWA. His extensive experience includes: laboratory technician, HRC Japan race team suspension technician, R&D manager race and production for MX, SX, Off-Road, ATV, Road Racing and CART / IRL. His most recent role at SHOWA (Corona, CA) was Senior Manager of race support, production testing and parts sales. He has worked closely with the absolute best riders in the world which include: O’mara, Bailey, Hannah, Bayle, Stanton, McGrath, LaRocco and more.

Factory Connection expects to add to its product line for 2006 which many new and exciting products available for SHOWA, KYB, WP components. Mr. Tanno not only will be an integral part of the new product design and testing but also with re-valving settings and performance enhancing modifications. More information can be found on www.factoryconnection.com or 603-335-7023 phone.